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Safety Still Not Top Priority For Car Buyers

Car Safety isn't top reason consumers buy cars, but it's getting more important.

New car buyers purchase vehicles for many reasons — reliability to comfort, status to gas mileage. Safety isn’t at the top of the criteria list, but it’s became increasingly more important for consumers and manufacturers. In its 2014 Initial Quality Studies, safety is seventh among the top-10 reasons why car buyers choose a specific vehicle ... Read More »

Driverless Cars? Let’s Slow Down In High Tech Fast Lane

The Google driverless prototype has been tested for the past few years.

Autonomous vehicles, commonly known as driverless cars, have been portrayed in futuristic movies for years. And dating nearly 100 years, automakers have experimented periodically with various vehicles not needing drivers. But what once was Hollywood fantasy is now on the not-too-distant horizon. Directors’ imaginations could be the daily driving reality for soccer moms and traveling ... Read More »

Range Anxiety? No need to worry

The Mitsubishi MIEV, a sbort-range electric vehicle.

Not too many years ago, the term range anxiety might pertain to a golfer who’s nervous on a driving range or rancher uncertain about spending time on an open range. But with an increasing number of auto manufacturers offering electric options, range anxiety is a major reason why car buyers have been wary of switching ... Read More »

Elio sputters again, production now in 2016?

The Elio is a three-wheel vehicle scheduled to debut in the United States in early 2015.

The future of Elio Motors and its founder’s vision for a gas-thrifty, inexpensive three-wheel vehicle has taken another detour. And this time, even a diehard believer in the product is uncertain of its future According to KSLA, a television station in Shreveport, La., where the pending car’s manufacturing plant is located, Paul Elio says the ... Read More »