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President Obama: '1 million electric vehicles by 2015'

It’s no secret alternative fuel cars and electric cars will infiltrate the automotive industry as last evidenced by the attention several new green car models offered by Honda to Toyota and Volkswagen to Ferrari received at the Detroit auto show. But in case there’s any doubt on the major emphasis ahead for carmakers, here’s the ...

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Volkswagen unveils diesel/electric in Qatar, 313 mpg rating

Volkswagen is debuting a concept car at the inaugural Qatar Motor Show the manufacturer says can travel 313 miles on a gallon of diesel and emits only about 1.5 ounces of carbon dioxide per mile. The XL1, which seats two adults, combines a 0.8 litre, two-cylinder diesel engine with an electric motor powered by a ...

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Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid 2011 car review

Mercedes-Benz gives some models in its S-Class flagship line a stupefying amount of horsepower for a dignified, prestigious sedan. Such power should be left to the automaker’s smaller, sportier models. However, the $91,000 S-Class S400 gas-electric Hybrid model I tested is a sensible, reasonably fuel-efficient alternative to the gas-guzzling hot rod S-Class versions. The S-Class ...

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Ford touts new green fleet with snide actor Ed Begley, Jr.

Ed Begley, Jr. isn’t the first actor hired to help sell automobiles and he likely won’t be the last. But whether, it’s an actor’s voice-over in television commercials or Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong pitching the Nissan (one of his team’s sponsors) and its Leaf, no celebrity pitchman has been as opinionated as Begley, ...

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